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3D Reality Capture for Building Construction

SketchMarque utilises 3D Reality Capture for building construction that replicates the real physical world into a virtual environment. The progress of a project can be monitored by comparing the real life building to the produced models that Reality Capture 3D technology produces. Useful information can be derived from this practice, such as discovering any issues and certifying quality control.

Businesses can boost productivity and enhance quality assurance with 3D Reality Capture software via data acquisition and visualisation. Construction projects can become much more efficient as the collected data is utilised to set up plans, oversee progress and assess the outcomes of the project.

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How Reality Capture 3D Technology Works

Reality Capture is an advanced photogrammetry software solution that has made a major impact in the industry. It’s capable of quickly and accurately generating high-quality 3D models based on photographs or laser scans. This software also boosts productivity and gives users more time to focus on their targets.

Reality Capture scans, registers and analyses data in a coordinate system. Its photo-to-point cloud creation and laser scanning applications produce unbelievably detailed models from its very first use, meaning there’s little-to-no need for expensive modifications later on. Every captured point will be mapped out onto a coordinate system to implement a smart survey output, ready to be exported when required.

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