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3d laser scanning services
3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning and modelling is a highly recommended service for architects.

BIM services
Existing Conditions

Preparing accurate Architectural site measurements for commercial interior spaces.

Point Cloud to 3D Model
BIM Services

BIM services are a preferred method of preparing the design and documentation...

Drawing Archiving, Assets Dilapidation & Documentation
Drawing Archiving, Assets Dilapidation & Documentation

If you are looking to, Document your commercial interior spaces in order to maintain an up to date drawings, which reflect accurate site conditions i.e. latest floor plans, latest ceiling plan with all services.

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Architectural Drafting

Architectural Drafting Services Melbourne

Draftsman in Melbourne providing fast & accurate Existing Conditions Drawings for construction professionals to reduce errors and save on time & resources

3D Laser Scanning to Point Cloud, BIM Modelling & CAD Drafting of Existing Conditions, As-Built Drawings

3D Scanning Service Provider

SketchMarque is renowned as a premium 3D scanning service provider for CAD and BIM Australia wide. We offer BIM consulting services and can create drawings based on your specific project requirements.

Depending on a project’s requirements, such as if the client requires Point Cloud data, the project is large and very rich with details, or there is a need to verify construction activities versus design drawings, we use 3D Laser Scanning technology to measure the site and process the Point Cloud on Revit. ​

Existing Condition Drawings from Site Measurements of Existing Interiors

Preparing accurate architectural site measurements for commercial interior spaces, provided in CAD, Revit or other BIM format as required.

Our accurate and reliable drawings are ready for use by architects, interior designers, builders, engineers, property managers and real estate agents for any design-related or marking purpose.

Consulting Services for Architects & Interior Designers

As one of the premier architectural drafting companies in Melbourne, we have an experienced team who are capable of providing high-quality, accurate and fast Design and Construction Documentation Drawings to assist architects, interior designers and design and construction builders.

point cloud to revit

Our CAD and BIM consulting team can work with you from the early concept design stage to the final construction documentation package.

Drawing Archiving, Assets Documentation & Dilapidation

If you’re looking to document your commercial interior spaces in order to maintain up-to-date drawings that reflect accurate site conditions i.e. latest floor plans, latest ceiling plan with all services (lighting, fire, air conditioning), joinery, finishes and furniture, SketchMarque is here to provide you with full interior space documentation and asset register creation.

Contact Us Today for Architectural Drafting

If you’re searching for a draftsman in Melbourne who provides CAD and BIM consulting services and much more, call on the team at SketchMarque. To discuss your specific requirements with a leading 3D scanning service provider, feel free to either contact us online or call 1300 601 871.

Coming from an Architectural Engineering background, 16 years of Construction and Fitout experience, and loads of projects on our belt in 5 different countries. We see your project from a totally different perspective.

SketchMarque is a 100% proud Victorian owned and operated company. Matthew and the team have extensive expertise in project and construction management, Architectural drafting, 3D scanning to Point Cloud, Existing Conditions measurement and drawing.

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