BIM Services

BIM services

BIM Services

BIM services are a preferred method of preparing the design and documentation for many types of building projects. BIM construction services produce a digital representation of the physical and functional features of a property for architects, engineers and other construction professionals to use in order to plan, design, construct and manage building projects.

SketchMarque is a leading provider of BIM services for prestigious construction projects in Melbourne. Our skilled BIM Melbourne based team have the necessary software skills and technical expertise to provide premium BIM services. We have years of experience carrying out BIM construction for Melbourne clients for countless construction projects, using state-of-the-art BIM laser scanning technology that adheres to the specifications of any construction project.

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SketchMarque is committed to delivering high-quality

SketchMarque is committed to delivering high-quality and detailed BIM services. We offer structural 3D BIM laser scanning and modelling, structural shop drawing creation, and other services that are designed to assist in constructing residential, industrial and commercial properties.

Our team of BIM experts not only complete their work in an efficient manner, but can also offer insight on any type of project based on real world experience in the construction sector. When we provide our services to clients, we take the time to understand their project needs and desired outcomes.

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SketchMarque can provide the right BIM services for all of your requirements. Contact our BIM Melbourne based experts today by filling in our online form or giving us a call on 1300 601 871.`

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