Prepare Existing Conditions Drawings from Site Auditing of Existing Interiors

SketchMarque specialises in creating comprehensive existing conditions drawings and providing building design and drafting services in Melbourne. The as constructed drawings we design include a floor plan that outlines all current existing site conditions of the features inside the properties we work on.

The accurate and precise building documentation our building conditions survey team delivers are perfect for architects, designers, project managers and building managers to follow, assisting them to complete their work on the project.

Our existing conditions drafting services for Melbourne building professionals includes conducting an existing site audit and preparing accurate architectural site measurements for commercial interior spaces. The asbuilt documentation we create is provided in CAD, PDF or BIM format and is ready for use by architects, builders, engineers, property managers and real estate agents.

SketchMarque utilises the latest CAD and BIM site analysis technology to perform an existing condition survey that accurately captures the as built conditions of the premises.

Our submission comes into two packages: Basic and Comprehensive. Depending on the selected package, the submission can include a detailed existing conditions survey of the site, floor plans, section plans, reflected ceiling plans, 3D laser scanning of existing conditions, 360 degree photos, and more.

Learn More About Our Existing Conditions Surveys

If you’ve been searching for a company that offers architectural CAD design services, BIM site analysis services and architectural drafting in Melbourne, SketchMarque can help. Contact us online or call 0401 212 613 today to learn more about building services drafting for your projects.

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